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 Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin,
Dulcimer, Harmonica & Now Drum Lessons in Irvington! 


I am JJ and I have had 40 plus years in music as a Performer and 25 plus years as a teacher. With my background in Classical, Jazz, Folk Rock, Blues, Celtic, Country and Pop. I bring diversity and experience not just theory. I also have stage experience of Varying degrees and Flavor. In addition to the fact I teach 7 different instruments adds a different perspective that most Instrument teachers can't offer!

I believe music is the Corner stone of education. I think that Lessons will enhance every Educational direction. So having the ability to influence the development of music oriented mind is immediately rewarding to me. Just to see a student's face when they understand a technique or able to play a song with less mistakes is thrilling to me.  For me it is really more about Comfort over Perfection! Students perform better when they're comfortable.

Guitar - General, Rock, Jazz, Pop, R&B & Blues.                            Guitar Lessons near me


Piano - Classical, Rock, Blues, Pop & Jazz.    



     Bass Guitar – General, Blues, Pop & Rock.


Ukulele- Soprano/Concert & Baritone. Rock, General, Blues, Classical. 



Mandolin - General, Blues, Bluegrass, Rock, Country & Folk.


Dulcimer – Classical and Bluegrass.          



Harmonica —Traditional, Blues and Rock.



Drum Lessons - by Lori Tapscott



 Drum Kit - Fundamentals, Folk, Rock & Blues.

- Fundamentals, Folk, Rock & Blues.



Music Theory is a foundation to further the students potential of learning. Everyone can be taught to play an instrument. Having a musical or artistic background is not necessary. Just bring the motivation to every lesson and every practice!                               ‚Äč                                                             

                 Thank you and Happy Strumming!                              


Cancellation Policy:

Flynn Studios considers once accepting a lesson time, day and start date that a Verbal Contractual Agreement has been reached between Flynn Studios (JJ Flynn) and the student. So we require a 24 hour Cancellation Notice or at least by Midnight the night before the lesson. Failure to cancel lesson would result in being charged for lesson through a Paypal Invoice. Furthermore, the Students will continue to be scheduled for lessons at the agreed time and day. Until otherwise informed that lesson schedule has been ended. Note this is not to be "Cut Throat" or cruel. For Flynn Studios and JJ Flynn, Lessons are a business or our income. Thank you for your consideration. 








Music Lessons